Boerger Family Shoot Sneak Peek

Today I had the privilege of doing a family shoot of one of my friend’s bosses from his work.

Meet Dan, Laura, and Summer

This shoot has been in the works since mid-July of this year, a short time after their daughter Summer was born. The plan was to do a shoot with Summer at least within a few weeks of her birth. However, I didn’t hear from Dan for a while so I shot him an email. It turned out that Summer was in the NICU for 2 months after her birth. I’ll spare the details… Needless to say, Dan and Laura were glad to have her home.

Summer is freakin’ cute… Look at those cheeks!!!

Oops… I forgot to mention their other family member… Ringo! (Dan expression here is priceless.)

Summer was so well behaved… she barely cried at all. Here’s her and her mom…

I’ll have more from their session later on! Thanks again for letting me into your home and lives…
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