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So probably one of the best lines I’ve ever heard in a long time happened yesterday during Kyle and Melissa’s wedding. Typically I’ll show the couple a few pictures I’ve taken of them and when she saw one she said… “I think I just fell in love with myself.” Oh man… Kyle and I and my wife just started laughing… and laughing… and laughing. But the thing that tops it all was what happened towards the end of the night.

Daniel and Emily Haire (here) have been building a photobooth for me. I had the initial idea but Daniel executed it in such an amazing way. They were able to complete it on Friday night and I was able to make a trial run with it at Kyle and Melissa’s wedding. There’s still a few bugs to be worked out but the funniest thing that happened was with the couple that was married the longest in attendance at the wedding. I’ll show the pictures first then explain…

knoxville wedding photography
knoxville wedding photography
knoxville wedding photography
knoxville wedding photography

They jumped in and had their photo taken and people around them told them to take more. Somehow if you see in the third picture, one of them lost their balance and started following backwards. In the last picture, the camera somehow managed to fire and took a weird angled picture of the lady on the ground. When they were helped up and saw they were okay, someone said, “man, that’d be great if it took a picture of them falling.” So I looked and found the gem that is the 4th picture and we all busted out laughing. I still look at the picture and giggle. 🙂 Whoever was near the booth and happens to have that picture of them laying on the ground please send it to me. Oh man…

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