Kris + Jessica | A Destin, Florida Wedding Sneak Peek

Okay… so hands down, this has to have been one of the most memorable weddings I’ve attended/shot. During the wedding ceremony, Jessica was attacked by ants… like tons and tons of ants. The craziest part was that she didn’t realize she was covered in ants until AFTER they said their “I do’s” and walked back to the waiting area. There was a pool nearby and she waded almost knee deep into the water to get the ants off. You could see the swarm of ants where she had just been standing before going into the pool. But through it all, she kept calm and they had an intimate beach side wedding in beautiful Seagrove/Destin, Florida.

Just another beautiful couple…
knoxville wedding photography
knoxville wedding photography
She was a stunning bride… absolutely stunning…
knoxville wedding photography
Uber cool wedding party…
knoxville wedding photography

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