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I can’t believe it’s already February of 2012. People say that as you get older, time goes by faster and faster. I really never understood that… not that I’m that old (don’t let the gray hair throw you off). It’s just hard to believe that it’s 2012 and I have now been out of college for almost 6 years and have lived my entire post-college life here in Knoxville. When I graduated in 2006, I had the choice of moving out to San Diego, California or Knoxville, TN… a night and day choice… east coast vs. west coast… year round awesome weather vs. most spastic weather known to man… So in faith, letting go of what little control I had of my life, I decided to move to Knoxville. I didn’t know a single person out here except for a college classmate who was now a co-worker for the company that we worked at. I got married in 2009. I got a dog in 2011. And now here I am in 2012… I just don’t know what to think or make of this year.

But I do know that I am super excited to continue down this path of chasing after my dream of becoming a full-time photographer. And as much as this is something that I want to do, I have to always remember that what I want and what God wants for me may not always line up but I’ll do my best to be faithful to whatever I’m called to.

My first wedding is in March. I’m pumped to be shooting Ashley and Clayton’s wedding in Chattanooga. I think it’ll be a great way to start off this year.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve had my website and blog redesigned by the talented Coke Morgan (yes, his name really is Coke Morgan). If you’re looking for someone to help design you a site, he’s your man. Once he knows what you’re looking for, he’s excellent at executing your vision. I also updated my logo last year but wanted to finally give a shout out to the talented Kate Moore for her creative magic in getting me a logo that was fitting of who I am. And after a few years of trying to find a good album company, I’ve found two. Below is a sample one put together from Stetson and Natalie’s wedding from last year.

Thanks for looking!

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