Winterfest 2012 | A Knoxville, Tennessee Event

And maybe event would be an understatement. Epic weekend might be better. I’ve had the privilege to shoot this event for the last three years now. Unfortunately, I was unable to shoot the first two days of this epic weekend this year as I had Clay + Ashley’s wedding on Saturday. However, after a short run-in with security, I was able to do my thing. I’m thankful that Jessi Ringer with 5RingsPhoto was able to cover me the first two nights. Actually had I not had the wedding, we probably would’ve shot the weekend together. She’s pretty awesome.

So after doing this for 3 years, you begin to notice a pattern of what you shoot. The most obvious thing being the stage and whoever is performing on the stage at the moment. So I challenged myself to shoot and think differently… to find people hidden in the audience and shoot them… but not to shoot them for the sake of shooting them but to convey emotion and action, two things I love.

This is Tom Madden, the visionary for this event. He was presented a Tennessee National Champion ring as a thank you for 30 years of service.

Not going to lie. I’m a huge fan of the tilt-shift look especially from the very back of Thompson Boling Arena. I might add that it’s quite the hike up there.

Again, so thankful to be a part of this for the third year in a row. It’s always a treat to shoot something different, especially something that touches many people.

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