Chet + Anita | A Knoxville Engagement/Elopement Sneak Peek

Chet makes me laugh. From his random Rad watching party (mind you while being sick) to doing a calendar shoot for girls, this guy is just plain awesome. One of the funniest things these guys have done is their fake engagement announcement for April Fool’s 2011. As a joke, they told their friends and family (and put it all over facebook) that they had gotten engaged. Who knew they’d actually get engaged 10 months later? Fast forward about three months and what turned out to be their engagement session actually turned out to be their elopement…

knoxville engagement photography

…. okay okay, just kidding. They didn’t elope but we couldn’t pass up this setup. A wedding had just finished up earlier in the day and they had left things out so we went ahead and grabbed this sign off the ground and took this picture. Totally their idea. Now for the sneak peek…

knoxville engagement photographyknoxville engagement photography

In honor of Titanic’s 100th anniversary, they decided to reenact the famous scene from the movie, with a special touch from Chet.

knoxville engagement photography

Probably my favorite image of the day but the one of Chet looking up is pretty amazing too.

knoxville engagement photography

If you go to KBGA, you have to get a picture inside their small bamboo forest. I’ve seen lots of pictures done in here and thought we needed to do something different. Turned out pretty cool.

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