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Today, Dan, whose family I have had the privilege to photograph twice now, sent an email to family and friends of two different, yet meaningful photographs. The first one is of his daughter Summer in the hospital in August of 2009, almost a month after she was born and had surgery. Summer has a rare disease known as Denys-Drash Syndrome which causes kidney failure in babies born with this disease by the age of 3. After turning 1, Dan donated a kidney to his daughter so it’s not an over exaggeration when I say that Dan and Summer have a deep connection with each other.

The next photos is one that I took a few weeks ago.

knoxville family photography

I don’t think a lot of words are necessary to explain just how meaningful both of these photographs are not only to Dan and Laura (and Summer) but to me as well. Knowing the story of the people you photograph adds so much more meaning to the photographs you take and the lives that are affected by those pictures. I’m happy to share that Summer celebrated her 3rd birthday in July and is one happy girl!

knoxville family photography

Last one for now… Dan requested one of his girls.

knoxville family photography

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