STAKshop Workshop | New York City, New York

It always takes me a while to put into words the experiences I experience. The fact that I suck with words also doesn’t help but that’s what happens when you’re an engineer and you pretty much only write really technical reports.

What I walked away with after two days (besides the fact that Steven and Tak are uber cool, make my work look like child’s play, live in one of the best cities in the world, and are all sorts of awesome) is that I shoot with fear. This was an image that Steven shared with me during the workshop. If you don’t know who this man is, look up James Nachtwey.

Who’s in position to get the best shot? So yeah… see those guys behind James. That’s me. Afraid. Scared.

Why am I so scared? What is there to be afraid of? I’m not going to die. There are no bullets, like Mr. Nachtwey has to deal with. Why can’t I be more like him?

People. I’m scared of people. Yes, I admit it. I fear what people think of me. I fear that I am going to get in the way. If I stand too close to the bride and groom then the guests won’t be able to see them. Really, John?

My job is to get the best shot possible. How am I to do this if I am so afraid? I think Steven said it best when he said, “seduce everyone.” Makes sense to me! If I am able to seduce everyone, then what am I to be afraid of? If everyone wants me there, am I really getting in the way of anything or anyone? When he said that… it kind of blew me away… not because it was so profound but because it was so simple.

I’m so glad I took this workshop because it made me excited again to shoot and to approach things fearlessly. I’ve now shot 2 weddings since the workshop and I’ve noticed a change in my attitude towards the day and the people around me.

In my notes I wrote, “Be fearless and shoot from your heart.” If you want that sort of inspiration, take their workshop. I promise you’ll walk away not only a new person but also with two new and amazing friends.





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