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The Scientific Theory: Celebrating Ben + Caitlin

As a Knoxville wedding photographer, I have the great fortune to meet and connect with so many wonderful people. But sometimes I meet a couple and I know deep down, we are kindred nerd (kindnerd?!) spirits. Ben and Caitlin’s wedding spoke to me in so many ways. Their wedding details included Erlenmeyer flasks (you know, the cone shaped glass bottle you used in CHEM 101), and delicate test tube vials displaying elegant sunflowers. (Because….science.) What could be better than a scientific wedding?

I bet you thought that was a rhetorical question, but I’ll answer it for you. The only thing better than a scientific wedding for this Knoxville wedding photographer is a fun, relaxed couple who truly enjoys the experience. Ben and Caitlin didn’t simply go through the motions. They savored it, and smiled all day long. No, seriously. They never stopped smiling. It was contagious. (I sometimes wondered if they needed some ibuprofen for their cheeks. Pretty sure I did!) Their smiles glowed. Literally.

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

-Hanh Nhat Thich

The wedding was held at the impeccable Bleak House in Knoxville, Tennessee. There’s something majestic about this place, especially at night. It’s so beautiful that it almost haunts you. (And not in a bad way haunts, but in a good way that makes the feeling linger with you for many days to come.) It’s the perfect backdrop for love and memories with its cracked, old, painted brick walls and delicate lighting. It was a privilege to see love grow into a new family, and witness the love and happiness this couple brings all of those around them.

Ben and Caitlin, it was an honor to be your Knoxville wedding photographer. I wish you endless happy, nerdy days ahead.
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