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Love is Kind: Chad + Alison

To say that Chad is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet is the understatement of the year. Chad has always been that happy-go-lucky guy that everyone likes. He’s soft spoken, never expresses his anger or frustration in front of others, and will give you the shirt off his back if you ask him for it or if he thinks it would help you. So when I found out that Chad was dating Alison, I knew that she had to be the sweetest girl in the world… and you know what? She is! Thankfully, I had the distinct pleasure and honor to be asked to be their Knoxville wedding photographer.

Kindness and joy were fluid throughout the entire event. It was a beautiful ceremony and reception, filled with friends and family who had traveled from all over the country to celebrate this couple. It seems as though everyone was connected, and joining together as a new family. Emotions were running high, and I truly believe there wasn’t a dry eye in the house by the end of the evening.

There was also a ton of fun to be had. And I do mean a ton. There was some serious dancing going down, and everyone got in on the act. I just love when the kids participate, too. Kids just bring out the, well, the kid in everyone and what could be better than a bunch of adults letting loose and having good ol’ time?

Aside from the fun, there were some truly touching moments. In particular, during our portraits, there was a moment when we were in a grassy area and the sun literally shone a spotlight on this couple. Does that sound like a blessing from the heavens or what?! It’s true that somethings, and some people, were just meant to be.

Venue: Smithview Pavillion



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